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One of the objectives of creating a group email id was to send and receive "Jokes" and other entertainment using a single id. Though every one cannot receive these mails at their regular email ids ( they are for official official use :-) ) some of us managed to use a different id to continue receive the so called "Jokes". clubaec@egroups.com was created with that purpose in mind. If any one wants to join this group, please let me know.

Since we have a number of mails  received every day ( not as frequent as they used to be earlier ) I thought of adding some of the jokes to this section of the web.

Note : Again I do not take any ownership for these jokes or pictures you find on these pages. They appear as received on the internet from unknown authors or from known "forwarders" :-). All copyrights belong to the original owners of these works.

Some of these materials may be of objectionable to some of you. If you feel you do not want to see/read them, please refrain from doing so. Thank you for using your best abilities.