A Few Snaps
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Final Year 94 batch
Principal and HOD

Bringing back the memories... the place we spend for a long four years... ( more years for some one people !!! ... ) This is the view of the hostel buildings. Blocks 1 2 and 3. And if you look carefully you can even find some of the lab buildings. 

Photo courtesy : Zubeen Joseph ( Thanks Zubeen... )

This is a picture of the College building under construction... ( it was always like this, I don't have an idea that construction is over or not!!! ) 

Photo courtesy : Asif Mustafa

Another view of the college's new building. 
Photo Courtesy : Asif Mustafa. 

The 4th block, has only single occupancy rooms for final years students. 
Photo Courtesy : Asif Mustafa. 

The hostel blocks at night. Doesn't it look nice. (I mean the photo)
Photo Courtesy : Asif Mustafa. 

Sun sets behind the college.

Photo courtesy : Asif Mustafa